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MDT Launches TMR7303 High-bandwidth Board-mounted Current Sensors at Sensors Converge

SAN JOSE, Calif. and ZHANGJIAGANG, China, June 21, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- MultiDimension Technology Co., Ltd. (MDT), a leading manufacturer of magnetic sensors specializing in Tunneling Magnetoresistance (TMR) technology, has accounted the TMR7303 board-mounted current sensors at Sensors Converge 2023. Designed to meet the growing market demand for high-frequency current detection in silicon-carbide (SiC) / gallium-nitride (GaN) power electronics devices in application systems including photovoltaic inverters, switching power supplies, DC motor drives, and variable frequency drives, the TMR7303-D/P1 series covers rated nominal current ranges from 10A to 120A at a high frequency response greater than 500kHz. The TMR7303-D/P2 series features an enhanced bandwidth at 10MHz, advancing the capability of MDT's TMR technology to the next level.

TMR7303's board-mounted form factor and pin definitions are fully compatible with mainstream products on the market, offering customers a fast track for streamlined adoption and upgrade. Its built-in TMR265x TMR linear sensor integrates high-precision TMR sensing elements with a high-speed, temperature calibrated, and programmable signal conditioning ASIC, providing high uniformity and temperature stability to ensure reliable current measurement across mass production quantities. The TMR265x magnetic sensor IC is recognized as one of the industry's most innovative products, nominated among the 2023 Best of Sensors Awards Finalists at Sensors Converge.

MDT fully owns its advanced magnetic sensor fab and automated current sensor assembly line that can support an annual production capacity in billions of magnetic sensor ICs and tens of millions of current sensor modules. MDT's highly consolidated and self-reliant supply chain provides its customers a strong guarantee of uninterrupted production and on-time delivery.

TMR7303 product selection guide

Model Number Primary Nominal
Primary Current
Measurement Range
-3dB Bandwidth
TMR7303-010D/P1 10 A ±25 A 500 kHz
TMR7303-016D/P1 16 A ±40 A 600 kHz
TMR7303-020D/P1 20 A ±50 A 600 kHz
TMR7303-032D/P1 32 A ±80 A 600 kHz
TMR7303-040D/P1 40 A ±100 A 600 kHz
TMR7303-050D/P1 50 A ±125 A 600 kHz
TMR7303-080D/P1 80 A ±200 A 600kHz
TMR7303-120D/P1 120 A ±300 A 500 kHz
TMR7303-004D/P2 4 A ±10 A 10 MHz
TMR7303-008D/P2 8 A ±20 A 10 MHz

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source: PR Newswire

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