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MDT Magnetic Sensors

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Magnetic Sensor Mass Production Line

With the advanced mass production fab and the proven wafer fabrication process for magnetic sensors, MDT is capable of supplying high-performance magnetic sensors in large volumes to meet diverse application needs.


Sensor ICs

Switch · Linear · Angle · Geartooth

Sensor Modules

Magnetic Image · Current Sensor · Encoders


Industrial · Consumer · Renewable Energy

Industrial Applications

MDT magnetic sensors are widely applied in industrial applications including smart meters, liquid level sensors, pneumatic cylinder sensors, inverters, CNC machines, robotics, AGVs, servo motors, and more.

Banking Applications

Banking Applications

MDT TMR Magnetic Image Sensors are the leading choice for the magnetic anti-counterfeiting information detection of banknotes and other security documents. They detects widths from 5mm to 180mm and features high sensitivity, high resolution, high consistency, and wide frequency response.

Research and Development

Research and Development

MDT's USB Magnetometers provide high-resolution laboratory measurements, automated data acquisition, and control. They provide a convenient platform for researchers and engineers to explore and develop magnetic applications.


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